Microsoft will use Artificial Intelligence to hunt down cheats Xbox

We’ve all been there: One works and works to get to the major leagues on its own merits, while others go to the right and get things “passing on the right” by cheating. Gives a lot of courage, but the solution is not to become one of them, but find them and give them fair punishment, fortunately, Microsoft is already working hard on that.

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According to a report by the site generaciónxbox, Microsoft is already developing a new Artificial Intelligence that will serve to detect the cheats within the platform of Xbox, with the aim of better user experience.

The report comes after Microsoft registered a patent in the U. S Patent and Trademark Office of the united States in relation to the design and implementation of a novel technology of artificial intelligence with learning capability, and detection of traps and tricks in video games.

The new technology of Microsoft for the Xbox would work by analyzing the code of the games to find outside elements such as cheats or external programs. The technology which has registered Microsoft allows you to analyze the data and interactions between the game, the network that allows you to connect to the internet such as Xbox Live and the external servers that operate on the title in question.

Analyzing the achievement data, ránkings and scores, the AI makes a global computing and looking for abnormal behaviors and unusual activity. Given that it is a huge amount of information to analyze, Microsoft has preferred that it is a artificial intelligence with the capacity of learning or machine learning, as a process regulated by code written and updated by the human factor would be much less efficient and slow.

Microsoft has not officially informed about their plans, nor if it is a fact that it will apply this technology, but when they register this type of patent it is because something to do with them.

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