Microsoft warns of dangers of facial recognition

Microsoft calls on U.s. policy makers to enact stricter laws and to set rules around the use of facial recognition. The company warns for the dangers of it and suggests that caution is warranted.

Microsoft’s legal expert Brad Smith writes in a uextensive blogpost. The technology for facial recognition is each time more accurate and also on a larger scale is used. According to Smith, there is now no brake on: developers continue the technology development without the ethical aspect to worry about. Governments turn to face detection then, in a large-scale privacy infringement, without the population there is something against it.

Ethics and technology

The American government is now a major task for the regulating of this data collection, says Smith. So, citizens need to be better protected against soft errors, when the technique someone falsely identifies. The question is whether each individual consent should provide and whether they have their own data should be able to find it in a searchable database. And how do you secure that enough?

Microsoft wants in any case to set a good example by the development of face recognition within the company to more stringent requirements. So there is last year, Microsoft created a business division focusing on the ethics of artificial intelligence and technology, the Aether Committee. They work together with technicians to ensure that ‘facial recognition’ less likely to be misused.

How is it with us?

It is interesting that Europe, which regards these issues ahead of the United States. In the new privacy law (General data Protection Regulation, or AVG) face detection under the collection of biometric data, like for example a fingerprint. Companies may use the technology only bets as they provide users with specific permission to ask questions. In addition, they must be transparent in what to do with that information is done.

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