Miguel del Pino: Cini: nose against diabetes

It can be seen that our best friend, the four legged and fine nose, will never stop to surprise us; the success newspaper has pointed with some justification to the newspaper ABC to launch to the popularity of the first dog to Spanish-trained to detect dangerous changes in blood glucose in diabetic patients.

The heroine is Cini, a beautiful Jack Russell with a face full of hair and a gaze that pierced through by his intelligence. This dog has been trained at a specialized center called Canem and is the insurance of life of his friend and owner, a student of 19 years old living in Zaragoza, spain.

So that is the capital city of aragon who can say with pride that it has been advance in this type of therapy, although there are 14 more copies soon could enter in service after a training that lasts at least a year.

The ability of Cini to detect increases or decreases dangerous blood glucose with at least twenty minutes prior to the arrival of the latter to limit dangerous holds still a scientific mystery, because it does not seem that the bitch smells like straight sugar, but a substance, probably of the hormonal type, which could segregate the sick when unbalance your blood sugar levels.

There are many missing data for knowing in regards to the mediators and messengers of hormones, and in some specific cases the Science is moving still by hypothesis is not proven, so that if the dogs detectors of blood glucose us to open doors in this sense we will have a debt more with our canine partner.

Let’s not forget that they were also dogs who led, at least partially, to the great Claude Bernard to the discovery of insulin.

Usually humans we don’t get to imagine up where you can get the sense of smell in mammals called macrósmicos, including the dog to figure in prominently. Already in the brain of these animals we find a special development in the areas called “lobes olfactory”. The man is almost an invalid in a relationship with this sense.

The smell and taste are chemical senses that are based on the contact between a substance that was fragrant with the buds, receptive specialist, found primarily on the tongue (taste), and in the tissue called “pituitary,” located on the inside of the nose (olfaction)

The smell is much more sensitive than the taste, as to like something, you need to insert it in the mouth, dissolving it in the saliva and impress, so the corresponding papillae. In the sense of smell just get to come in contact with the pituitary nasal molecules emitted to the atmosphere by the chemical.

On the scale of the Animal Kingdom, there are powers even more prodigious at the time of detecting particles emitted to the atmosphere, although we do not dare in all cases to call smell these senses are specialized. Let’s think of the males of the butterflies that flock to the place where you will find the females, sometimes miles away to detect with their antennae the particles segregated by them.

We come directly to the concept of “pheromone”, a name that is attributed to the substances secreted by some animals that have the function of communication, when they are located by the corresponding organs: the antennae in the case of the butterflies that we put as an example.

We humans are very deficient in the sense olfactory, possibly as a consequence to the adaptation of our ancestors zoos to the life arboreal. In the world in three dimensions which assume the trees are not very useful signals-olfactory, change is necessary, an excellent sense of sight.

In effect, the view is one of our most important systems of communication with the world, to the point that we do not find it easy to understand other means of relationship in the animal world, as the wondrous smell of the dogs.

If we are amazed by the skills of exemplary canine trained, as the dog Cini, sensing of glucose in human blood by the changes detected by the wafer-thin truffle nose, it is possible that we may learn to better know our own dog, which will help us to improve our relationship with him: be careful with perfumes too intense or with the use of detergents or aromas inadequate in the cleaning of their residence or of their favourite places.

When in his daily walks the dog afane in sniffing the trunks of trees, corners of the street or any other place or object, we must have the patience to give you time in your exploration: to sniff is “reading the mail” that they have left their friends and their rivals.

That correspondence is determined by the impregnation of those places with pheromones that accompany the urine canine, and that may indicate the state of zeal or of dominance of dogs known. or also of the strangers that have passed through the territory. Not fair are the pulling strap or the rush during the walk: to the dog it is very important to take your time and focus as it is due.

It really is not simple to thoroughly understand an animal as complex as the dog; a good friendship between him and his master, require the complicity essential to the dialogue between two intelligent beings.

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