Miguel del Pino: Another dog famous

The advertising campaign of this year in connection with the sweepstakes, christmas National Lottery has led to the birth of a new star dog, the dog Max, an artist with powers that include the work of the “dog therapist.”

Their trainers rescued him from a protective andalusia where he had given with his bones, and also with its many hairs, in the form of hilarious puppy at that time it was called “Ball”. The family that had had not been able to calculate their chances of having a dog at home, but at least instead of quitting what led to the above-mentioned protective.

New adoption and a second chance for the perrillo, in which some intelligent professionals in the dog training saw excellent skills to achieve the condition of a dog artist. It was not a obedient contender to robot dog, but a puppy is a very active, vivacious and intelligent.

In the hands of their trainers, the photogenic nature of the perrillo, especially his furry face and your wonderful eyes, you went in the first time to advertising and the cinema, but a circumstance came to cross its path has risen to greater heights of prominence. Max, or Maximilian, as he was “renamed” Ball, it has been revealed also as a dog therapist of children, and this is already big words.

Nicholas, a boy who had been treated for a cerebellar tumor, and remained prostrate and unconscious with no other power autonomous than breathing, had the good fortune to be a neighbor of the owner and trainer of Max, named Ainhoa Larregui; she prepared a trick common in the dog training in a positive, consistent grease a treat in the fingers of the small, unconscious, to cause the warm licks of the dog.

And happened a miracle: almost immediately to stimulation of the licks, the little she reacted by moving her arms and beginning to open the eyes; today, past the time, the recovery is portentous, it is true that thanks to the excellent medical therapies that enjoys it, but at least three times a week, the dog and the child need to be to play and to enjoy their respective strokes.

Matched this lucky encounter with the draw for christmas two years ago, which is particularly suitable for the inclusion of Max in the announcement of this year, with actor calvo replaced by a beautiful alien and dog. Macarena, the mother of Nicholas, was considered really with Max had come to her home “the big prize”.

It is possible that you do not have yet a rational explanation of the cause-effect relationship of the contact, both physical and emotional, between pets and children with autism or injured, but the results that have been obtained in recent years are, at least, surprising.

Therapy by physical contact between animals and children has been based above all on horses, of reduced size, and noble character and quiet: to ride on a mount of these features and to feel the warmth of her hindquarters, has started to coordinate the movements of arms and legs many children and adolescents with autism by injury-brain barrier, the dog is much more expressive, so that their future as a therapist human is promising, also the cat, although probably to a lesser extent.

It would be unfair to focus all the attention of the healing of Nicholas in the stimuli of their friend canine; we must emphasize the merit of the medical team of Blanca Lopez Ibor, in the Clinic Montepríncipe. The doctor had assured Macarena, mother of the small, that Nico would come back to walk and even to play soccer, but Max was the “icing on the cake”.

Max is not a dog therapist turned artist, but rather the opposite, and this clarifies with special interest to their trainers; in any case his presence in the campaign of promotion of the lottery assures a great “leap to fame” and to what better achieves a surprising increase in sales of tenths, all that can be expected of a dog intelligent.

I have to confess that this week I had to write about the “war on coal” and the findings of the “Climate Summit” in Bonn, but the eyes of Max , which is reflected in their photographs together with the child in recovery therapeutic, published in “The Spanish”, I have won for the cause canine. Time will have to return to the eternal controversy of the alleged, only alleged, “Climate Change”.

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