Miguel del Pino: “No insult,” say the hunters

This weekend there are many demonstrations that take place in a good part of Spain under call of the hunter associations. On this occasion, are not claimed certain rights or laws in connection with the hunting, but something so simple as not to be insulted.

As “claim, an intangible” it is unusual and puts in evidence the danger of the launch platform of insults that can be, if used for evil, the world calls “social networking”.

Being a site that is so recent and so little subject to specific legislation, precisely because of its modernity, the lack of scruples, cowardice and sense of impunity are the best components for the subscriber of this broth culture. Participate in the rain of insults, the bullfighting, the defenders of the animals in the circus and in general anyone who dares to put in doubt any postulated “animalistic”.

To avoid the confrontation

In many cases, the insults are still threats, which has put on guard to legislators and law enforcement to try to cut something that can be socially very dangerous. It seems that the hunters have been the first to tire of it.

Let’s not talk of confrontation between hunters and environmentalists, or better, between hunters and scientists, because many years ago that was sealed between them a covenant not written that you should be a better management of nature in the, is whether or not hunter, to claim the respect for the Laws and a code of good practices based on the honor, and knowledge.

Potentially hunting is an activity that needs a regulation careful. From the legal point of view, the hunter is going to exercise a right of occupancy on the portion of the natural heritage of his country, formed by the hunted animal. Other citizens claimed for their part the right of observation of the fauna, that is to say of a heritage that at times can coincide with the game. The legislator must gloss over both of these rights.

To achieve the balance between hunters and observers is precisely the existence of objective laws that provide instruments for its fulfillment, as are the hunting regulations, the vedas, the dimensioning of reserves and the absolute prohibition of the act against the species subject to protection: as simple as that, and at the same time it seems too complicated, judging by the controversy.

Leave the field with a firearm requires as there can be no other way to have the corresponding permissions, for the production of which will have been necessary to prove to be a citizen of well, and lack of background is potentially dangerous; it would surely have to be more rigorous in the request for demonstration that you have basic knowledge on ecology and zoology to distinguish at all times game species and protected.

The existence of Federations and Associations of Hunters and the management of the land susceptible of house hunting allow to assume that the vast majority of those who hunt do so legally and without being a danger to the environment, rather the opposite. Ask the hunters and they are the first to denounce and expel from their ranks those who don’t deserve such a name.

Important part of the management of the hunting, lies precisely in the agreements between the federations of hunters and legislators: they are required very strict measures to end the placement of poisoned baits in the reserves, with which it is intended to eliminate the predators, a bug’s crazy.

The necessary balance

The hunting grounds that feature a balance between predators and parts hunting should be the object of recognition and fiscal support, while those who have been the subject of complaints for having found poison in them deserve simply the immediate cessation of the activity in all its extension.

Returning to the principle, if a hunter complies with the Law, exercises its right of occupation on parts hunting so scrupulously correct and conceives of its activity as a way to enjoy the nature, certainly the opposite of many conservationists, but, since then, legal; it is not strange that indigne when receiving abuse and threats on networks. We must end urgently with the impunity of the “faltones” or threatening.

So that by this time we find manifestations, game full of reason and more a product of response to the insults that really industrial. It is unusual that you have to demonstrate that they would not insult: things of the blissful social networking.

By putting a touch of science in this polygon with as many edges as is the world of hunting, with their enthusiasts and their detractors, we will remember an ecological concept, so simple as important in the balance of nature , the “index of attention” proposed by the eminent zoologist Spanish José Antonio Valverde: it is expressed in the following form: “The appetite of a predator for its prey is in direct ratio with the energy which it produces and in inverse ratio to the costs to get it”.

As a result of the above we can observe that a lion won’t be looking for small prey, easier to get a zebra, but little cost-effective in amount of food produced; nor will pursue to rhinos or elephants, not only will agotarían in the fight, but that might be too dangerous.

In this way the final balance: the possible prey evolve to improve their defenses, either through the conquest of the speed in the breakaway or the possession of defensive weapons, like the horns of so many herbivores. The predators should tend to the perfection, harmonious and functional, because it is not easy to capture nearly any alleged victim.

Do not believe that you exception to this rule elementary of the nature. Surely you will love the shrimp from Huelva or the crayfish from Galicia, but it will be the price of these delicacies, the factor that will induce them to be cautious in his “capture”, that is to say in its purchase. The money is in this example the symbol of the energy consumed in the form of hours of work.

Among the many reflections green let’s stay with a rule elementary, to reflect on the motto of the hunters demonstrators of this day: “no to insults” and much less from the alleged impunity.

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