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Minecraft Head Into The Clouds

I still play Minecraft lots. Usually I build fortresses and islands within the sky, and I'm often very happy with my airbourne sanctuaries. Not any longer though, because the entries in Planet Minecraft's 'Head Into your Clouds' contest easily put almost everything I've done to shame.

This contest tasks players with constructing something, anything, on Planet Minecraft's Sailing Island map with Minecraft Head Into The Clouds. There are numerous rules: texture packs cannot double, and the basic structure from the Floating Island map should end up being preserved, which means no heavy excavation, and no removing irritating mountains or water beds.

Head into The Clouds has attracted 206 entries, and most of them can be a sight to behold. Entries tend to be closed, with the winner required to be drawn next week. At the same time here are three choice entries, but you really should check all out. They can be viewed and downloaded on the globe Minecraft website.

Hydrata - The location of Water [link]

"High up within the sky, above the clouds, the place that the heat from the volcanoes and also magma cannot reach. Oxygen is actually thriving up there, the fresh air is light and fresh, the cool enough for water to condense, so rivers are not really a rare landform. "

If mere world building isn't impressive enough available for you, this guy built a massive functioning mech in vanilla Minecraft.

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