Minecraft and other video games will come to Netflix

Netflix and Telltale Games have come to an agreement to create their own versions of games, or at least that is what has announced Techradar, however, this is not a service of video game streaming, but a totally different thing.

To understand what is it about this new bet of Netflix we must go back to their interactive movies, those that so much excitement generated a few months ago, and of which the company had promised more stories of this type in the near future. Well, this is the reason for the agreement between Netflix and Telltale Games, create interactive stories of video games.

For those who don’t remember what are interactive stories, are those where users choose what it is that happen in different moments of the story, and to do this we have to take the remote control and make a decision in the story.

Puss in boots has been one of these interactive stories of which we are speaking, and the following projects will be focused not only in children but also in adults, as Netflix and Telltale Games it seems that they are also planning to launch an interactive story of Stranger Things.

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As already mentioned, the first title to be launched will be Minecraft Story Mode, and with respect to other specific titles there are still no plans, but the source mentions that they are interested in several interactive stories, in addition to the aforementioned Stranger Things.

Telltale Games is a company that is focused on creating simple games whose purpose is to tell a story, there are some who even criticize the company to be kept between the thin line of the film and the video game, mentioning that they should not be considered as a video game in all rule.

Surely this is one of the things that he has called attention to Netflix, because the “games” Telltale Games are very similar to what you want to Netflix with their interactive stories, so do not be surprised that if all this works, Netlfix buy Telltale Games in the near future.

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