Minting our 100th Parcel

Cryptovoxels is a virtual world that is made up of parcels. Each parcel is a piece of land, with an x1,y1,z1 and x2,y2,z2. Six coordinates that define where the parcel is in the world. If you own that parcel, only you can prescribe what is built within those confines.

51 Block Fork

The first parcels of cryptovoxel were sold on a Friday night in Wellington, New Zealand. The world had got to a stage, that I wanted my friends and advisors to join me, so I jumped on the slack that I use with my friends, and assigned the first 4 parcels. Nick, Ingo, Sam and myself took those parcels and started building on them

When a parcel is created in Cryptovoxels, it is called minting. This is an action that is run on the cryptovoxels parcel contract, that creates a parcel and sets its boundaries.

Back in June, I wrote a tool that divided the Origin City up into 3000 parcels, using a derivative of an L-System. It took the bounds of Origin City (480 meters in each direction from the origin) and created a network of streets and parcels.

The core of the Cryptovoxels Procedural Generation

These 3000 parcels are stored in the database, but they’re not visible and available to be purchased until I mint them, then list them on OpenSea.

We’ve (me and the awesome community on discord) been growing Cryptovoxels slowly. About 80% of the parcels that have been sold so far have been built on. The discord grows at about the same rate at the number of parcel owners — people that are buying parcels are building in the world, and joining the community.

So that’s why it’s so special to be minting the 100th parcel in Origin City.

2 Bit Divide

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