Look at how he was advertising 21 marks the last century

The first advertising agency appeared in 1842 in EE. UU., but the advertising was born in the prehistoric times. And, of course, a lot has changed since that time. The advertising of the famous brands has evolved in the last half-century. However, before was also bright and curious. Some copies have a lot of style, and others surprise us with their contradictions.

Great.guru found several examples of advertising vintage and is in a hurry to show you how amazing they are.

1. Omega watch, about 1910

2. Shoes Salamander, 1912

3. Soups, Maggi, 1912

4. Gillette, the TWENTIETH century

5. Postal advertising Nestlé, TWENTIETH century

6. Automobiles Peugeot, 1919

7. Opel, near the 1920s

8. Soap Palmolive, 1926

9. L’oréal, 1934

Stain well
without danger
in all of the tones.

10. Blendax is the company known under the brand name Blend-a-med, 1938

11. Coca-Cola, 1938

12. Coca-Cola, 1943

13. Cream Nivea, 1943

14. Airline KLM, 1940

15. Poster for Philips, 1951

16. Oreo Cookies,1952

17. Chocolate Cadbury, 1956

18. Cosmetics Maybelline, 1960

19. Sony, 1960

20. Chanel, 1960s

21. Jeans Levi’s, years 1970-1980

What you found these examples? What advertising you prefer: the modern or the previous one?

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