Look at how they would look on our favorite movies if they were anime

The artist Dmitry Ahriman Grozov it takes years to drawing in a professional manner, and your project Animotion not only called the attention of the art connoisseurs, but also for fans of cinema and fans of japanese animation. Dmitry transforms the scenes of cult movies, imagining as if they were scenes in the anime.

The illustrations of science fiction movies, action and even classical were born as a joke, but gradually, it became a project at a large scale that already has many followers

In Great.guru we are impressed with the talent of this guy, and we invite you to learn about their series of works unusual, dedicated to our favorite movies.

Kill Bill

“Leave the limbs you’ve lost. Now I belong to me”.

The fifth element

“Leeloo Dallas. Multipass”.

The ghostbusters

“Sorry, Venkman. I’m so terrified that I can’t think of a rational way”.

The glow

“Here’s Johnny!”

Jurassic Park

“We must go faster!”

Conan the Barbarian

Charlie’s angels


“What a double turbine with pressure control electronic? It is… pretty impressive, Sam ”.


Terminator 2: the judgement day


“This is a restricted area”.


“Machete don’t text”.

Bladerunner 2049

“You look like a Joe ‘right’”.

Black Panther



“I must break you.”

By the way, you can influence the content of the series Animotion: the artist account how to do it here.

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