Watch live to all the cast adult film ‘It: Chapter 2’

The cast adult the second part of the movie ‘It’ was completed a couple of weeks ago, making the recordings start almost immediately to get to work with young people, who acted in the first installment.

The ‘Club of losers’ returns then that just 27 years later, the worst of their fears returns to the ‘People of Derry’, where they have to join again to be able to finish him once and for all.

A couple of hours, Warner Bros, a company that is behind the project, posted a photo on his Twitter account where it looks so official to the entire cast; this image is perceived the great chemistry that they are having the actors between them.

Up until now, had only been seen by a few polaroid photographs, which climbed actor James McAvoy, who will play ‘Bill Denbrough’, to his Instagram where he was seen posing with some members of the tape, both with those who are their versions of young people, as will be their mature version.

If you have forgotten the one who will give life to whom, here is the reminder:

  • Jessica Chastain-‘Beverly’
  • James McAvoy- ‘Bill’
  • Isaiah Mustafa-‘Mike’
  • Jay Ryan-‘Ben’
  • James Ransone-‘Eddie’
  • Bill Hader- ‘Richie’
  • Andy Bean- ‘Stanley’

Likewise present will be the children who were in the first part, which will return in the form of flashbacks recounting an experience or an important moment, because you have to remember that most of them came out of the village to start again in a different place, where the memory of the horrible clown ‘That’s’ not the stalk more.

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Also, the actor Bill Skarsgård is set to resume its position as the evil clown ‘Pennywise’ and both he and the performers mentioned above, will continue under the specifications given by the director Andy Muschietti.

‘It: Chapter 2’ will be released on the 6th of September 2019.

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