Watch the Episode IV of Star Wars as anime eighties to your soul geek

This is not a lie that Star Wars: A New Hope is perhaps one of the films that has most influenced the cinema in the last 50 years. But not only the movies, the world of sci-fi in general, including, for example, the ánime of the 80’s and 90’s. A fan realized this and wanted to pay an incredible tribute to the reverse.

Comic reveals the last words of Luke Skywalker

The creator of this piece is Dmitry Grozov, an artist and animator Russian that showcases your pieces on your YouTube channel. “Ahriman” as you call it, recreated the trailer of the Episode IV of Star Wars but the full anime style of the 80s.

The trailer combines all the greatness of the animations japanese of the decade of the 80’s with scenes emblematic that we love and remember it from ‘A New Hope’, as the sunset on Tatooine, the cantina, the introduction of Han Solo, the Millennium Falcon, the battle of Darth Vader with Obi-Wan, etc, And to make it even more perfect, includes original vocals in japanese.

How much we would like to be able to find this version of the entire film in our cinema closest to you. and Partners.

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