Look at the animation that shows the power of the hurricane Florence

A couple of days ago, we unveiled the news that a hurricane was forming and could make landfall on the coasts of Florida and North Carolina and the South in the united States, so people should be prepared for any situation that is presented, so to demonstrate the way in which I would attack, The Weather Chanel , made an impressive animation.

To achieve this, the Channel of the Time put to the meteorologist Erika Navarro in what would be one of the affected streets of North Carolina, for the public to be aware of the high levels of water that would lead to the arrival of hurricane Florence.

According to this, it showed as about 40 trillion litres of water would fall down on all sides, making the avenues, people, cars, houses and even trees were flooded by 3 feet of water that would cover completely.

For the recreation of the havoc that would cause the hurricane would be equally fascinating is that the original idea, the channel used a series of animation techniques that will give you that touch of realism to the situation, therefore, we used the chroma key/green screen, as well as the engine of the video games Unreal Engine.

The latter rendered its technology to create visual effects in real time, therefore, this is that Navarro becomes covered by water in a matter of seconds, while the strong winds help to carry all the objects that were in his way.

These impressive acts could not have been conducted without the camera tracking the Mo-Sys, because it identifies the point of view of the viewer, to be able to triangulate the space in which it will develop and give them that vision of what really can happen.

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The above is an example of the same thing you did when you developed the game Fortnite, which is the work of the Unreal Engine, and that works with one of the best graphics engines that are in the industry.

Whoever said that the sector gamer could not help other areas, should now be very sorry.

While the video is shocking, it only shows a little of what you can live when a hurricane is near, so you must have extreme precautions and remain alert to avoid any human loss and material.

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