Possible imprisonment for Swedish internetpiraten

In Sweden, new legislation examined those authorities, to establish illegal downloaders a prison sentence to impose. In extreme cases it can be up to six years.

Reports that the site Torrentfreak. The local government is currently examining a bill which increased penalties to internetpiraten distributed. Also, fines are below. Or a sentence of imprisonment is actually imposed, depends on the ago financial damage to copyright owners.

Uploaders and administrators

Swedish internet users that once a movie via torrents retrieve it, do not have to be directly to worry. The custom legislation focuses especially on those large-scale infringers of copyright, generally torrent uploaders or managers of illegal download/streamingsites. That earn there is often also a pocket money, if they have ads on their sites running.

The netherlands

Dutch torrent-downloaders to be recently, when certain films are also more stringent in the holes was held. Dutch Filmworks may so-called warning letters to send of the (currently) 150 euros per film. In principle, there is no further right to look. But if you do not pay, then the film studio, however, legal action against your business.

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