Possible sales ban on unsafe smart devices

The government would have to investigate the possibility of the sale of smart devices to prohibit, when this is not sufficiently secured. That is one of the conclusions of the Cyber Security Council, an advisory body of the cabinet.

The Cyber Security Council of his concerns about the rise of the internet-of-things devices such as thermostats, lights, cameras, speakers, and even refrigerators and vacuum cleaners are every time more often in connection with internet. But regularly turns out the security are not in order. As a result, consumers are vulnerable to cyber attacks. Hackers can be on the equipment barge to privacy-sensitive information, to steal or to the gadgets part of a botnet.


It is therefore high time to look again at the laws and regulations around this industry, according to the CSR. Manufacturers would meet certain minimum requirements, or else risk that their smart product is no longer sold. So one is obliged have to be for a certain duration security updates, and should be the basic functions of a device even without an internet connection should be working. That information would provide insight for buyers, for example by stickers on the packaging.

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