#MoneyMonthUnocero: The 3 deceptions more common of the Good End

It is about the Good Order, the so-called ‘End of week cheaper of the year’, which will begin on November 16 and will end on the 19th of the same month, however, with all this fever of the offerings is common to have businesses or vendors that we want to be fooled to buy a product, because the Good End, and other events, offers, lend themselves perfectly to that.

For this reason, here we say to the delusions most common that come up during the Good End, all of this with the purpose of you to review all these details before you buy, and that your shopping experience is not a nightmare.

1 – Offers that are not offers

This is one of the most common practices during the Good End, and what happens is that many products with exclusive offers in reality have no bid, how is that possible?, well, the sellers rise the price a few days before the Good End, and tell you that your real price is for example of $4,000 (when your original price is 2,000 MXN), but for the Good Order you have a 50% discount, so you can take it for $2,000.

This seems like a tempting offer, but as you can see, it is not an offer, because if the product should have a 50% discount should cost $1,000, but as you go up the price in reality we are just falling in the trap to think that it is a must have steam installed and buy the product.

It is recommended that you do not think what could you buy during the Good End, a screen, speaker, computer, telephone, among others. The ideal would be to find out the price in several shops a few weeks before the Good End (today, it would be a good time), and wait to see if the price actually has a real offer and interesting and worthwhile.

#MoneyMonthUnocero: How to know if an offer in the Good End worth

2 – Shopping to months but with interests

Another of the ingredients of the Good End are the purchases to months without interests, where it is divided by the total cost of the product to 3, 6, 9, 12, 18 or 24 months, without pay a single penny more. This type of monthly payment is applied when paying with a credit card, however, it is important to read very well how it applies to this type of promotions.

We discussed it because sometimes the merchants or vendors will take advantage to tell you to take the product to easy payments, however, that doesn’t exactly mean that it will be months without interest, but quite the opposite.

It is always advisable to check the credit card participants, the minimum purchase, and that this is not a payment plan with a fixed rate, that is to say, you must be at months without interest. Finally, remember that debit cards do not participate in shopping months without interest.

#MoneyMonthUnocero Good Order and all the events in this season of deals

3 – Products with supply that are not covered by warranty

It is common, especially when it comes to smartphones, that have businesses that try to sell computers from other countries, which evidently do not have warranty in Mexico, however, never specified.

Some of these phones are easy to identify because they are not sold officially in Mexico, for example, the Pixel from Google or OnePlus, however, there are models such as the iPhone or other computers that are sold officially here but come from other countries (usually the USA), so I have no guarantee in our country, even, may have problems with some networks in Mexico.

This type of equipment tends to have tempting offers during this type of event offers, so be careful and check all the details before you buy.

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