#MoneyMonthUnocero: What to take into account before you buy a printer

If you are one of those people who must be printing documents constantly and you are tired of going to the stationery every time you need it, then you have to buy a printer.

Despite the fact that many believe that these devices should not be in the market, remain central to the lives of students and workers; knowing this will know what to take into account before you buy a printer.

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Types of printer

Not only should you set in that it’s cheap and their appearance is cute, you should also take into account what type of printer is required according to the activities that are carried out daily.

Basic printer: Are those that serve only to print documents, and tend to work wirelessly and with cables.

Resultado de imagen para impresoras básicas

Multifunction printer: This type of device does not only print files, but also scan, make photocopies and fax.

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Photo printer: As the name says, serves to print photos thanks to the photo paper that they accept it within themselves, this means that you will have a better resolution so you do not lose the quality of the image.

Resultado de imagen para impresoras fotografica

Forms of print

When you print any document or picture, you should know that it can be done in several ways, and these as well as the types of printers, are chosen according to the needs of each person.

Laser: If you have to be printing several volumes of leaves and at high speed, it is recommended that this type of form; it is usually used in the photocopiers that are outside the universities.

Resultado de imagen para impresión laser

Inkjet: unlike the above, this is more to use less harsh or whatever, when there is no need to be printing constantly, you can have at home for the tasks of children. What one must take into account of this impression, is that the cartridge change is made right away because the ink wears out more quickly.

Resultado de imagen para impresión con inyección de tinta

Solid ink: When you want to get quality color prints, you must use this kind of ink, which tends to last much longer than the preceding one, and therefore, it is in the office for the documents that are required with a good format.

Resultado de imagen para impresión con tinta sólida

Type of ink

Laser: This type of printers do not use ink cartridges but toner (pigment spray), and the cost is per page, is lower than with inkjet.

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Ink-jet: In this type of impressions are used cartridges, the vast majority use four colors: magenta, yellow, blue, and black, which is commonly known as CMYB stands for Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Key.

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Solid ink: you could say that it uses the same type of ink than the previous one because it uses the same colors only with tanks or deposits, instead of the typical cartridges.

Resultado de imagen para tipo de tinta solida

Connectivity: USB Cable, Bluetooth and WiFi

Gone are the printers that need yes or yes a USB cable or LAN to print the files, because now there are many more options to make it like the same phone, a tablet and other wireless devices.

Currently the printers accept connect by WiFi, WiFi Direct and Bluetooth, which allows people to have their documents or images without being near the printer.

In the same way as there are models that are compatible with Google Cloud Print or Apple AirPrint that make the impressions are given of a rapid and simple way, because that is only done through the smartphone and without the need to download any app.

Resultado de imagen para impresoras conectadas con el celular

Card reader and USB

At this time, the printers have all kinds of tools, even with memory card readers that can help the user to connect their USB memory stick or SD to see the files directly.

According to this, it is recommended to look for a printer that contains this kind of readers, either by integrated or in conjunction with the device.

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