Motion #MakeMySize: how to make fashion more inclusive with all sizes

Thanks to the movement #bodypositive created some time ago in the networks, which are increasingly more women who dare to upload their photos to the Internet without touch-ups, have the body they have, since what is claimed is that any silhouette is beautiful, although it does not comply with the beauty standards of today. Katie Sturino is a great reference on this topic, even to create their own movement.

In we will tell you who is Katie Sturino and what is its movement #MakeMySize (Make my size).

Who is Katie Sturino?

Katie Sturino is an influencer that says that any body is beautiful, and that not only the slender figures of the models have a place in the world of fashion. With his size 44 , became well known thanks to upload photos to your Instagram imitating the looks of celebrities that possess the ideal size according to the canons of beauty, demonstrating that the style of a woman has nothing to do with your size.

The movement #MakeMySize

After the idea to imitate some looks of celebrities with the hashtag #supersizethelook, this blogger has decided to create a new movement through the social networks named #MakeMySize. This came about because of the problems that many times suffers to find nice clothes in her size, so they want brands to have a range of options more diverse and not only clothes designed for thin women.

After giving the news of the creation of the movement through of Instagram, over 90 % of her followers claimed to feel identified by not finding clothes of your size.

Looks of Katie
















What do you think of this movement? Do you agree with Katie?

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