Movistar changed their rates Fusion and downgrade the football€ 65

Telefónica has decided to reorganize its convergent offer of Movistar Fusion and will launch at the end of October a new portfolio of products on which the operator will give more weight to content on television football after having acquired the rights to broadcast all LaLiga and the Champions League during the coming seasons. In a statement, Movistar explains that with these new rates it aims, on the one hand, to”simplify the offer available to customers”, as the shift from ten to six products, and, on the other, “to facilitate the access to one of the content most demanded by the customers, the football”.

The operator explains that this new offer will only be applicable to new customers who join Movistar or for those who reposicionen from one of the products of convergent current, whose conditions remain unchanged for the contracted currently.

“The effort of the last few years it has gone through to give Spain the best fibre network in Europe and to extend the offer of television to the vast majority of our customers are converging. We now believe that the time has come to provide all possible access to one of the content star: the football“- has underlined the chairman of Telefónica Spain, Emilio Gayo. The new rates happen to be set up like this:

  • Fusion 0 for 55€ per month. Includes the channels #0 and We will.
  • Fusion Base for 72€. Also includes Movistar great match and The League channel 1/2/3, as well as access to the Series of Movistar+.
  • Fusion Selection for 95€. You have two options. The first will give you the right to access to international football, including the Champions league and Europa League, while the second includes the rest of the League games and the Copa del Rey.
  • Movistar Total, for 130€. Includes all football and channel Movistar Premieres, in addition to two mobile lines.
  • Movistar Total Plus for 155€. Also includes the rest of Sports, including Motor.
  • Movistar Total Plus with 4 lines for 180€, which adds two mobile lines more.

ADSL users or those who comply with a fiber of 100 Mbps will be able to opt-in to Fusion 0 for 48€, Fusion Base for 65€ or Merger Selection only with international football for 85€. In this way, the cheapest option with the football low of 95€ at present to 65€, but including only the channel Movistar great match (which includes a match of the First Division and another in Second), in place of all the rest of the football, which is what is included in Movistar Fusion Football, the cheapest option available up until now with some sport king.

The operator reminds that in October, six years after the launch of Movistar Fusion, which saw the light in October 2012, a service that at the end of the last month of June had 4.48 million of customers.

Telefónica announced in the month of June the acquisition of the rights of The League for three seasons starting in 2019/2020 by 2.940 million euros, as well as the purchase to Mediapro of the Champions league and the Europa League for the next three seasons starting with the 2018/2019 x 1080 million euros. So, Movistar is guaranteed to have the main content football the next few seasons, and, owning the rights, you can also take care of the design and development of content under their own brand, as well as receive the revenue derived from the advertising.

After Telefónica’s wholesale offerings this month of July, which obliges the company to sell half of its premium content to rivals after the purchase of Digital+, Orange has opted to purchase both the great match of The League and the Champions league, while Vodafone declined to re-buy these rights, which created a new trading scenario in the sector, which in recent months has been characterized by a more aggressive trade.

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