Movistar improve your Internet service in home to compete against Telcel, AT&T and Blue Telecom

Some days ago we share with you a comparison between the different services home Internet offered by Telcel, AT&T, Blue Telecom and Movistar, making it clear that in general the service Telephone was the least benefits offered in comparison with its rivals.

Well, it seems that the company has taken account of this situation, and has decided to upgrade their benefits, which were not updated for quite some time, because remember, it was the first telecommunications company mobile launched this type of services.

To give an idea of the changes, here’s a comparison between what was offered and what we now get when you buy the Plan Full Conection.

As we can see, the main changes are in the download speed and the limit of navigation, however, increases the cost of the modem and also decreases the download speed with the fair use policy.

Telcel, Movistar, AT&T, or Televisa, what is the best service of Internet in your house?

The price of the package is maintained at 399 pesos, and as mentioned, the download speed is the highest in comparison with its competition, which offered 10 Mbps.

Remember that a very important detail before you hire is covered, as the service totally depends on the infrastructure of Telefónica Movistar, so if in your house you have problems with the network of Movistar, will have the same disadvantages with the Plan in Full Connection.

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