Dies the DJ Avicii to 28 years

The artist and music producer, Tim Bergling, who was popularly known as Avicii, died today in the city of Muscat, Oman, a country that borders the United Arab Emirates.

The information was published by his representative, who mentioned that he was found without life this Friday afternoon, where they also mentioned that the family is devastated and asks everyone to respect her need for privacy at this difficult time, in addition to that there will be more statements on the issue.

Remember that Avicci had suffered health problems due to acute pancreatitis caused by excessive alcohol consumption, although for the moment we ignore the reasons of his death.

Avicii, was also one of the first artists to test novel technologies in YouTube videos at 360 degrees, plus it was one of the artists most listened to electronic music on Spotify.

Here is a Spotify playlist with the best of this artist.


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