Die the latest Google’s Nexus

The Nexus 6P and Nexus 5 was the last Nexus that he met the world, will be launched in 2015, and with them ended an age and began another, the of the Google Pixel. However, though we did not sell more, the Google Nexus continued to have life because they received security updates each month by Google, even though officially they are discontinued products, since it has received its last security update this month.

Although Huawei and LG were responsible for manufacturing the Nexus 6S and 5X, respectively, Google was responsible for upgrading to new versions of Android, in fact, the latest version of the operating system that updated was Android Oreo 8.1, and while many had hope that the big G will change its update policy with these devices to receive Android 9.0, this was not the case.

Nokia wants to take the place left by the Nexus

This is the reason that officially we can be dead to the last Nexus of the market, where even the Nexus 6S was listed as the best in Nexus history, surpassing by little the Nexus 5, also by LG.

It is unlikely that the Nexus will receive the update up to December, especially because on the official support site of the company it is mentioned that even the telephone support for the solution of problems or questions with the telephone will end this month, so that in December, nobody will be able to receive care on this device.

The Nexus were the first step of Google to become a hardware manufacturer, and although they were born with the intention of supporting the developers for their apps on Android, they became a symbol for the enthusiasts of Android and pure fans of the constant updates, something that many manufacturers Android have been forgotten today.

Did you have a Nexus?, what was it?.

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