‘NBA Playgrounds: Enhanced Edition’ premieres on Switch with improvements and new content

Although NBA Playgrounds to be opened on the sales platforms digital the past 9 may in versions for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC and Nintendo Switch, not all of the editions came to the market with the same features as the Nintendo system debut without the game online, mode a couple of months after it is integrated by an update. Apparently, so much upgrade and adjustment has not convinced Sabre Interactive, which has chosen to launch NBA Playgrounds: Enhanced Edition for the console of Nintendo. This version has a greatly reduced price for a limited time and includes some enhancements, as well as new content.

The configuration of the new edition has also been made available to players at no cost to those who have purchased the base game before. So it is only necessary to access a download additional from the eShop of the console for extras, such as the Challenge mode, games online and all the extra content released so far. That is to say, the original owners of the game will also be able to take advantage of a more accurate system, and to show their skills against more than 100 players, and access to new tournaments, designs of footballs, tennis and more content accessory.

In any case, and to avoid troubles, it is not to follow the guidelines of Sabre Interactive to update the game. According to the developer, players that have a copy of base, you must perform the upgrade process with special care because there is the risk of losing progress. Therefore, it is recommended to perform a backup of a point of bran and install NBA Playgrounds: Enhanced Edition. If there is no problem in operation, the data stored will transfer automatically to the new version, so that you can delete the copy without issue.

NBA Playground offers action and debauchery in the style of the classic NBA Jam and NBA Street, but allowing us to control star’s current NBA like Pau Gasol, Lebron James, Stephen Curry or legendary players of the likes of Shaquille O’neal or Allen Iverson, on a style of game that combines the base of the sport of the basket with moves and spectacular movements.

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