The netherlands drops on rankings of global internet performance

With an average download speed of 35,95 Mbit/s, the Netherlands is one of two places dropped in the global rankings of internet performance. This year, we will end in 7th place, still not wrong.

Last year, the Netherlands on the 5th place. This year, the average speed of 33,52 Mbit/s in 2017, but that was not enough to that place to preserve it. We have been overtaken by Belgium and Romania. Yet we need not mourn: in practice download we have a hd movie of 5 GB within 19 minutes.

Top 3

The top 3 consists of Singapore (1) Sweden (2) Denmark (3). Which countries are doing particularly well because relatively many of the inhabitants have access to fiber, as already 60 percent of the Swedish population. Yemen ends on the last position (200), with an average speed of 0.31 Mb/s. A hd movie capturing takes there a day and a half.


Wereldheid is the total speed of internet connection worldwide with a 23 percent increased compared to last year. Mainly due to the already high speeds in the top 50 countries óog higher. These are mainly European countries, of which 36 are part of that top. Countries with a low download speed, saw little difference.

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