‘Dutch download time less using torrents’

The number of Dutch movies and series illegally acquire. via torrents, increases greatly in recent years. 6 percent download today via peer-to-peer, compared to 18 percent in 2013.

That according to new research from Telecompaper. Generally we download with less movies, music and games, where we actually supposed to pay. In 2013, 41 percent of Dutch people are still guilty of illegal downloads. That number has since shrunk to 24 percent.

Legal is easier

The main reason to stop is that it’s easier to get legal content to be found, thanks to services like Netflix and Spotify. 12 percent of the respondents indicates that. 8 percent suggests that the right has become more difficult to illegally download the past time, many well-known torrentsites shut down.

Also the Pirate Bay-blockade plays a role. 4 percent of the Dutch population indicate to have stopped with all the illegal download because that site not to visit. Downloading from newsgroups is also still for. 6 percent of the respondents said prefer to give.

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