‘Neprijbewijs easy online ordering’

Driving license necessary, but not the time or the money for a driving course? For 80 euros you can buy online to be a forgery, via a Polish website. This is tonight an item in EenVandaag.

The foundation Chauffeurstoekomst succeeded in getting through the unnamed website a neprijbewijs to make with the details of prime minister Mark Rutte, including a matching photo.

According to that association for truck drivers is hardly controlled or vrachtwagenschauffers official papers possess, when they are adopted.

How much?

How much neprijbewijzen there are in circulation, is not exactly known. The RDW reap during audits of 50 to 70 pieces of annual leave. From the politics, there is now the desire to the website in question quickly from the air.

The full item is tonight at 18:15 hours in EenVandaag on NPO1.

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