Netflix-competitor Disney+ is also coming to the Netherlands

Disney announces its own streaming service Disney+ is going to be called, and in addition, it is clear that Dutch people there, over time, a subscription can take.

The associated website is already in English available, and you can also subscribe to be informed of the launch. With Disney+ takes the media company, among other things, on Netflix. That means, among other things, that Marvel movies from Netflix to be achieved.

These are the property of Disney, and Disney wants, they will soon be on its own platform to offer. It also applies to movies from Pixar and everything to do with Star Wars. Furthermore, programs of National Geographic, there also under.

Disney Originals

Just like Netflix, movies and series offers you won’t find anywhere else (Netflix Originals), so too does Disney+ part of a unique offering. There is working on a new series in the Star Wars universe, which has a link with the movie Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.

There are also series of well-known Pixar movie such as Monsters Inc and there is a series planned with Loki in the lead role, known from the Thor movies from the Marvel series. It takes a while for Disney+ is off. Not until the end of 2019 launches the service for the American market.

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