Netflix shows progress of the second season of “Dark”

The first season of the Dark on Netflix was a complete success and the service streaming know, so now we have the opportunity to experience a breakthrough on the second installment of the series German, in addition to more details on his narrative.

After announcing that there would be a second season, Netflix has begun to reveal some developments that have sparked great excitement for the spectators who enjoyed the first few episodes. The production released the first two images from the second delivery, although it is possible that you are only advertising to keep the intrigue.

The end of the first season left us with more doubts than certainties, so that it will be necessary to resolve all those loose ends. Fortunately, we have the opportunity to see what has become of Jonas to be on familiar ground, but unknown and trapped apparently in a version post-apocalyptic town of Winds located in the year 2052.

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Seeing the pictures, we can interpret that this is a glimpse into the future (or present?) where Jonas should be explored, but perhaps is vulnerable to chemicals toxic, so you should carry the face covered (although that doesn’t really know if it was true, or that what you have to do for other reasons).

We must be aware that perhaps the second season requires more attention because it is integrating a new timeline. In and of itself was already complicated with the three temporalities that followed the first delivery, so now… we don’t want to imagine it.

Then we show you the official images that has been shown to Netflix. Do you think that they try a gimmick?

netflix dark

dark netflix

In accordance with the showrunners of the series enigmatic German, the filming will begin on the 25th of June, so that only we will be patient to enjoy this production. The story of the second season that will consist of 8 episodes, will be set in Berlin and its surroundings.

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Are you excited for a second season?

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