Netflix renews on Android, with important developments

The platform streaming Netflix updated with important new features for the operating system Android. Within the tools that stand out, are the possibility of facilitating searches and greater ease in navigation, that is to say, now the app will be more intuitive.

The application of content to integrate a new navigation bar at the bottom where to place the features Home, search, upcoming releases, downloads, and additional options. In addition, it will modify the look of covers, due to its location on the screen or by the size with which they are displayed.

Some things disappeared as the famous magnifying glass that was located in the upper right corner, in addition to the side menu navigation. You will see that with the new update, you will see a prominent, along with the most popular content.

The house of paper will have a third season on Netflix!

Another important change is that now it is more simple and fast change of profile within the same user account and in the search menu have been introduced as a first option, the genres of content available for members of the service have the possibility to choose the one that most interests them. You can see how it looks like below.

netflix   netflix android   netflix

Since some months ago, Netflix had given signals that in the near future we could experience a new redesign in its application, and, despite the fact that the changes that will be integrated are not a revolution as such, at least it will be easier to navigate through the interface of the platform.

If you still don’t have these changes, just be patient and wait for your application can be updated.

The entire catalog of Monty Python will come to Netflix in April!

How would you like Netflix to add other changes in your update?

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