Grandchildren of famous people of the TWENTIETH century who managed to achieve success (the grandson of Clark Gable won for us)

It is not a secret that the children of famous actors, writers, and political figures often follow the path of their parents. But could we say the same thing about their grandchildren? It turns out that yes. The descendants of the important figures of the TWENTIETH century are also beautiful, talented, and ambitious as their grandparents. investigated thoroughly the ties of relationship of the celebrities and today I will tell you how to live and what they do with their grandchildren.

1. Chris Pine is the grandson of Anne Gwynne

Chris Pine, the protagonist of Stroke of luck and This is war, is a hollywood actor and grandson of Anne Gwynne, an icon of the pin up of the 40s. By the way, Anne became famous for her roles in horror films and was recognized as the scream queen, one of those beautiful girls movies vintage that scream very penetrating of the approach of the monsters.

Chris studied at the prestigious University of California in Berkeley and has a bachelor’s degree in English. In his filmography there are more than 30 jobs, but their greatest popularity and recognition he received after the shooting in the franchise Star Trek.

2. Quinn Tivey is the grandson of Elizabeth Taylor

Elizabeth Taylor won millions of viewers around the world with his sparkling eyes and his black hair. And look at how their grandchild looks like her. However, not only seem at the physical appearance, but Quinn Tivey also inherited the kindness of Elizabeth. Now is a co-founder of the Foundation Against AIDS, Elizabeth Taylor, in honor of his grandmother.

In addition, Quinn is a photographer. He traveled all over the united States, taking photographs of the people who suffer from the syndrome of acquired immunodeficiency, and also actively collects money for the organization amfAR, which funds research for the disease.

3. Clark James Gable grandson of Clark Gable

Clark Gable is the incomparable Rhett Butler of gone with the wind was and one of the handsomest men of the TWENTIETH century. And his grandson Clark Gable lll does not yield to his grandfather, as it has a physical aspect and magnetic charisma. Clark began working as a model since the age of five, and is now the presenter of a tv program called Cheaters, in which the cameramen discover that the spouses unfaithful in a live broadcast.

4. Tuki Brando is the grandson of Marlon Brando

Marlon Brando was officially the father of 11 children, three of whom were adopted, and all bear his last name. Tuki Brando is the grandson of actor and francopolinesia Tarita Teriipaia (by the way, is the personal record of Brando: marriage is the most durable of all, which lasted 10 years).

Tuki Brando is working on her modeling career, and very successful. He is the official face of the house Versace, participates in fashion shows and photo sessions. In addition, he finished the faculty of medicine.

5. Bernhard Caesar Einstein is the grandchild of Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein is one of the founders of modern physics. He needs no introduction, as his contribution to science is incalculable. The grandson of Einstein, Bernhard Caesar, followed in the footsteps of his grandfather: he studied quantum physics and I liked the music in the same way as his great predecessor.

Bernhard worked for the defence industries of the USA, where he dedicated himself to the improvement of the night vision devices and investigates the technologies of laser.

6. Cameron Douglas is the grandson of Kirk Douglas

Cameron Douglas is an actor and a member of the dynasty of cinema of Douglas. His grandfather Kirk Douglas became famous thanks to his roles in the classic films american Spartacus, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, and his dad Michael Douglas is a famous actor and producer.

At the beginning of his career, Cameron was acting in movies. In his biography there are 4 movies of Jackie Chan. Now, he works in the field of film production for Manhattan.

7. Zoleka Mandela is the granddaughter of Nelson Mandela

Nelson Mandela was the first black president of south Africa, fighter against racism and the holder of the Nobel prize. His granddaughter Zoleka Mandela is an activist, speaker and writer. She inspires people to fight against cancer and shares his own experience of victory against the disease. In addition, Zoleka is ambassador of the World Organization for Road Safety, since several years ago, his daughter died by a car accident.

8. Nicholas Soames is the grandson of Winston Churchill

Sir Winston Leonard Spencer-Churchill was a politician, prime minister of Great Britain, journalist, writer and possessor of the prize of Nobel prize of literature. According to the survey of 2002, he was recognized as britain’s most influential throughout the history of the country. Even Charles Darwin and William Shakespeare were left behind.

Nicholas Soames is the grandson of Churchill, a member of the Conservative Party and one of the directors of the Private Military Company, which is engaged in the supply of weapons.

9. James Thiérrée is the grandson of Charlie Chaplin

Officially, Charlie Chaplin was married 4 times and has 12 children from different marriages. James Thiérrée, grandson of Charlie Chaplin, is a dancer, mime, actor and circus artist. He has his own company, The Compagnie du Hanneton. The artists working in the genre of “new circus”, which unites theatre, dance, drama, and the traditional shows of the circus.

10. Drew Barrymore is the granddaughter of Lionel Barrymore

Drew Barrymore is a diva hollywood is known all over the world. His first role in the cinema was 7 years old. However, her grandfather, Lionel Barrymore was very popular in the 30’s of the XX century thanks to his roles in the classic dramas Grand Hotel and Sherlock Holmes.

11. Sarah Sutherland is the granddaughter of Donald Sutherland

Sarah Sutherland continues with the dynasty of actors. His father, Kiefer , and grandfather, Donald a long time ago are known to all admirers of good movies. Sarah is not far behind, her acting in tv series, films and also is a producer.

12. Ethan Peck is the grandson of Gregory Peck

Millions of girls of the 50’s aspired to the hero Gregory Peck in the film Roman Holiday. The story of the princess Ann and reporter Joe Bradley can’t leave you indifferent, nor us either. But look: Ethan, the grandson of Gregory Peck, grew up and followed in the footsteps of his grandfather. Ethan filmed in movies and series, and the critics will predict a successful career. Of course, having such a background!

It seems that beauty and talent are inherited, as the grandchildren of the celebrities have nothing to envy to their ancestors famous. And you, what do you think about this?

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