New mobile network Schiphol supports 5G

Within amsterdam airport Schiphol is the next time a new mobile network built. The network offers a better coverage and also supports the 5G, the quick successor of 4G.

The network consists of thirty antennas, which are constructed in the “all arrival and departure halls, lounges, piers, station, Schiphol Plaza and in non-public areas such as the bagagekelders’. Over two years, the surgery must be completed, although it is not yet clear or 5G also works. Amsterdam airport Schiphol has partnered with KPN, VodafoneZiggo and T-Mobile.


5G is up to ten times faster than 4G, and it is intended that we, as of 2020, all reap the rewards. Anyway, around the Amsterdam ArenA, where this year, four european CHAMPIONSHIPS, and football matches are played. T-Mobile wants to be in that year, even though nationwide coverage offering. At various places in the country are now testing conducted, including in Groningen, the netherlands.

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