New emoji in 2019: hand-in-hand and disabled

From march 2019, there are again dozens of new emoji for the door, and the first selection of them is now known. In addition to funny smileys if a mango and a kangaroo is that this year, especially on diversity is addressed.

See, for example, the new hand-in-hand emoji, that you yourself with your partner can act out. That are not just a blank male and female. There are all kinds of skin tones to select for both figures and also the gender has to match. There are a total of 55 possible combinations. White or different shades of darker, man/woman, man/man or woman/woman: there’s something for you.


There is also a emoji specially designed for the disabled, where Apple is already hard for them. There are o.a. smileys for from portraying someone in a wheelchair, sign language, and a seeing eye dogs. All of the above examples are part of Unicode 12.0. There must still be tuned, so it may be that for the beginning of next year, some to lose weight.

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