New phishing emails in the name ING in circulation

Cashier warns nepmails that in the name of ING will be sent and these tie in with the phasing out of tan-codes. Recipients get the message that they have their ‘Mobile Banking app should validate”, but it is a phishing attempt.

On the site of the television programme “Kassa” are examples of recent e-mails of ING appear, but are not. At the beginning of this year it became clear that ING stops with tan-codes for the forwarding of payments. Eventually, it is intended that this is all within the online banking app works, for example, via a fingerprint.


Over the last few months, which is often the phishing emails spotted that on this given address. Do not click on the links and delete the emails immediately. Phishing is also evident again this year, the most common form of cybercrime . More than half of the Dutch find a nepmail in his inbox, even though many people expect themselves not to become a victim.

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