Children are able to circumvent this feature of iOS 12 used by parents

With the launch of iOS 12 came a new function made to make us feel guilty for the time we spend procrastinating on our phones. But ‘Screen Time’ doesn’t just upset us, it is also limiting to many children, though not by much.

In a publication of Reddit, many parents have shared the ways in which their children have been teasing the new Apple function that measures the length of time spent in applications, or specific activities within the iPhones and iPads.

The thread was started by a father whose son found the way to bypass the locking that is set up in ‘Screen Time’ as a digital native. When your child reached the maximum limit in any game or app, simply removed and returned to download.

To bypass the blockage on YouTube, another child simply was sending the links for iMessage. So it was possible to view videos within iMessage even if your time in the app for YouTube had ended.

But it doesn’t stop there, a lot of other kids had found ways to be more sophisticated to not follow the rules of their parents even prior to the arrival of ‘Screen Time’. The thread detailing that some created their own code to disable or hack passwords, and that at the end of the day eliminated any ratrso for anyone to notice me. and Partners.

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