Nintendo Switch helped a programmer to find a tumor in the hand

The last console that Nintendo brought to the market, has achieved a success due to its hybrid structure, as well as their components, controls, and kits of cardboard that allow them to expand the experience of use. However, although it appears that Nintendo Switch is only an entertainment system, a programmer australian managed to find another role; one that allows to detect tumors.

Through the website Reddit, a user who goes by the name ChrisChalms stated that the Joy-With helped him to find a tumor that I had on hand. In the beginning, you bought your console to test The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, but taking into account that it would end fast the title, the user bought Mario Kart 8 for fun.

When ChrisChalms decided to start in the world of racing, he noticed that every that it vibrated a Joy-With, your hand will hurt too much, especially when you spent your time to collect coins through the game. At first, the user thought that it was something normal, but the pain increased; the reason for which he stopped playing completely.

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The user stated the following:

“I began to feel a sharp pain from the palm of the right hand to the first joint of my index finger when the Joy-With vibrated, especially while he was collecting coins. Mainly I am a PC player and use a control of Xbox One, but I never had problem with that.”

After they spent a few months, the user began to observe an anomaly in the palm of your right hand just where it had started to cause the pain. The user spent a lot of time without playing, until he met with a few friends to try to go back to Mario Kart, but the pain intensified and was much worse than it was before.

To know that I couldn’t ignore the pain, the user was to visit with a doctor, who at first didn’t know exactly what was in his hand. However, after a series of analyses and studies, they found out that it was a tumor that will be removed soon with surgery.

It should be noted that the user mentioned that your tumor does not necessarily imply that it is carcinogenic; in fact, the chances of it being something malignant are of 5 per cent. In addition, he mentioned that thanks to Nintendo Switch, had the opportunity to evaluate the pain, because had it not been for the vibration, I would have postponed the pain for a long time.

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