Nissan will robotaxis electric on the streets of Japan in march

Not only Waymo, Google’s enterprise-focused autonomous cars, is launching a service of robotaxis. The japanese manufacturer of cars, Nissan has also announced a first test of 15 days in which to put at the disposal of the inhabitants of the district of Minato Mirai, in Yokohama, near Tokyo, two vehicles, Nissan Leaf self-employed as taxi service in anticipation of exiting the market after 2020, according to The Wall Street Journal.

These forecasts put the company in position of leadership within the japanese market, though not in the rest of the world. General Motors ensures that in 2019 it will already have fleets in some of the major us cities and Uber has already commissioned 24.000 Volvo cars to convert to autonomous vehicles.

The service of Nissan is called Easy Ride and has the collaboration of a company japan specializing in developer of video games for mobile phones, Set to take charge of the part of the software responsible for responding to the requests of the users, in addition to specific targets will be able to meet requests less specific as to go to an “indian restaurant” and that you advise any one, to offer you discounts and allow you to the door.

Japan has a stricter regulation on the autonomous vehicles that north american states such as California or Arizona, which would be one of the reasons why the projects their companies are not so advanced. In fact, until recently they were banned, but to allow them to circular the rules oblige companies to consult with local councils and police, have a person behind the wheel just in case and have a system that controls the position and condition of each vehicle. In addition, the police of Yokohama has forced Nissan to put employees at the points of collection and arrival to ensure that passengers enter and leave the car with safety with the excuse that it is dangerous due to the presence of bike lanes.

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