No more ridiculous! Facebook to use AI to “open” the closed eyes in the photos

The age of the bear photo is in the past. Facebook has just announced that it will use Artificial Intelligence to eliminate these terrible photos where you appear with eyes closed, or much worse, half open (something that we’ve ALL been there, don’t deny it).

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We owe everything to a team of engineers at Facebook has created a tool of Artificial Intelligence (AI) able to fix a photo where any of the people captured appears with the eyes closed, the first technology of its type ever created, according to an article published by the same Facebook.

The system used for this functionality is called the Exemplar, GANs, based on Generative Adversarial Network (GAN), a technology of machine learning, able to recognize faces and at the same time creates images independently which improve in realism with respect to the previous techniques.

The technology works by feeding the AI with photos of people who have their eyes open, taking into account factors such as the shape and the color of the eyes, which allows you to use that information to transfer the “eyes open” to the photos that need it.

It is necessary to underline that the system does not work accurately and can not fix the eyes in images with angles “extreme”, goggles or some other form of instructions as hair.

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