You can not miss the progress of the new series of George R. R. Martin

George R. R. Martin is a genius and a great inspiration to all lovers of fantasy stories. Game of Thrones is one of the sagas on television that has most impacted on a global level and started from the literary works are “a Song of ice and fire”.

Therefore, the news of a new series created by Martin, assumes great excitement and huge expectations for you to enjoy on the small screen.

Many decades ago, and before becoming world famous, and George R. R. Martin published a tale of science fiction called “Nightflyers,” which is set in a near future in which everything seems to indicate that the destruction of the Earth will be inevitable.

Nightflyer is the most advanced vessel in the world, so your mission is to avoid at all costs the end of humanity or the planet. Your mission is to intercept an alien ship that could be the only salvation for to preserve the species. George R. R. Martin was so excited about his little story, he decided to expand it into a novel called “Nomadic night”

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As the crew nears their destination, they discover that the artificial intelligence of the ship and its captain never seen can lead to terrible horrors and indescribable in the dark confines of the space.

In fact, in 1987, created a film based on the article that went unnoticed, but after the success of Game of Thrones, Nightflyers will come in the form of a series of the hand of Netflix and SyFy.

Gretchen Mol (Boardwalk Empire) plays Dr. Agatha Matheson along with Eoin Macken (the night Shift ) as Karl D Branin, David Ajala (Fast & Furious 6) as Roy Eris, Sam Strike (People of district) as Thale, Maya Eshet (Teen Wolf) as Lommie, Angus Sampson (Fargo), Rowan, Jodie Turner-Smith (The Last Ship) as Melantha Jhirl and Brían F. O’byrne (Million Dollar Baby) as Auggie.

Is yet to be confirmed release date, but everything seems to indicate that will happen very soon. Look at the advancement and share with us what you think.

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What excites you this new story of George R. R. Martin?