What Nokia and Essential, Inc should be the benchmark of other manufacturers Android?

Nokia has made official the deployment of Android 9 Foot for your Nokia 7 Plus, a phone that participated in the beta of the Android P, and that is officially the first smartphone with Android One in to upgrade to the latest version of Android.

On the other hand, Essential, Inc was the first company (that is not Google) to update your Essential Phone to Android 9 Foot, and did so on the same day Google introduced Android P, which was also the same day that the Pixel is started to be updated to the new version of the operating system.

Cloud: And what wave Android Foot?

Nokia and Essential, an example to follow

Andy Rubin, creator of Android and Essential, Inc had a idea about Android in its early days, and that is that he wanted his operating system had support of updates similar to that of Apple, where the computers are updated constantly, although the reality is that things did not happen as well, because each manufacturer had the freedom to create your own layer of customization to differentiate from the other manufacturers, a situation that led to the fragmentation of Android to levels of concern.

Google knows that the fragmentation of its operating system is a serious problem, and has launched projects like Project Treble, even this year opened the beta of Android to many more devices, including an Android One, in addition to that the company is working on new strategies to reduce the fragmentation, of which we will speak another day.

What we must not lose sight of is that brands such as Samsung, Huawei or Xiaomi should look as an example to Nokia and Essential, as are the three companies Android more smartphones sold around the world, and are in part to blame for the fragmentation of the operating system.

We need more models with Android One

It is a fact that the layers of personalization are necessary, some provide interesting features for some users, and give a guideline for Android add to your core cool new functions in future versions, but companies should also concentrate more on Android One as it has done to Nokia.

And it is that there will always be those who prefer a smartphone with Android Pure on top of the hardware specifications of other equipment, so that a Galaxy high-end or mid-high with Android One, or a Huawei P20 lite with Android One would be a good option in the market, just as it does Xiaomi currently, this way you still have a device with your layer of customization that makes you different from the rest, and on the other you attend to a market that wants Android Pure.

My experience using the Android One

Now, the fact of throwing computers with Android One means that you have to work fast to update it almost at the same level of the Pixel, that is the idea, to have the latest of Android on your phone, and not wait months to try it, because Xiaomi had many problems with the updates of My A1 last year, and we hope not to repeat for My A2.

Clear that Nokia must demonstrate that the early upgrade of the Nokia 7 Plus is not an isolated case, and it is expected that in the next few weeks come Android Walk to all its smartphones with Android One, in the same way the other manufacturers with Android devices One should launch the update in the coming weeks, especially because it was one of their key promises-of-sale, because they claimed that would be the first to update to Android P.

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