Nine experimenters implanted electronic devices in your body

Would you like to feel in your body an earthquake that is taking place thousands of kilometers away in another part of the hemisphere?Or that all the doors are open to you without the keys? Do you or under your skin to flash LED lights? It turns out that some people are already equipped with these capabilities. will speak on subjects for which there were sufficient human possibilities, and that’s why they decided to drastically change, without fear experiments on his own body.

Neil Harbisson

Neil Harbisson was born with achromatopsia, a type of color blindness that only lets you see the world in shades of white, black and grey. This disease is extremely rare, so much so that only 1 case per 33 thousand people. Due to this condition, in your infacia used to go to school with socks uneven or with clothes very bright, which led his companions to laugh at him. Now Neil calls himself the “Man-Cyborg”, since his skull was implanted with a special device that reads the different colors and converts them into a particular set of sounds.

The device is called Eyeborg and works with batteries. This is the latest model of that “eye electronic”, since the former had to be recharged from a wall outlet. Neil chooses the clothes for him sounds good and creates sounds photo in mp3 of other people. You can see his TED speech here.

Moon Ribas

Moon Ribas is a choreographer and dancer who experiments with his own body. She implanted in your arm with a special chip that detects the seismic activity around the world and delivers vibrations when in some place there is an earthquake. Moon mentioned that this helps them to transmit those waves in the dance, and in addition to that, in your neck are implanted sensors special report on the acercamineto of other dancers behind.

The young is also co-founder of the organization, Cyborg Foundation, which promotes the idea of transform people into cyborgs to help those that have prosthetics and implants.

Tim Cannon

People like Tim Cannon are called “biohackers”. This young man put under his skin a computer chip with a wireless charger, which is in charge of measuring your temperature and blood pressure. In the event that the carrier have a difficult day, a special program will prepare your home for your return lower the lighting and the tub fills up.

Cannon founded the company Grindhouse Wetware, which addresses the development of devices to convert people into cyborgs. Often the implants of silicon with lights are introduced into the skin only to matters of beauty, but Tim is sure that in the future such devices will be able to transfer the most important data such as the level of glucose in the blood, will recognize quickly a heart attack, among other things. In addition, the company also plans to create an artificial heart, which will be elaborated in a 3D printer.

Jerry Jalava

Jerry Jalava, a native of Helsinki, he lost part of a finger in a traffic accident in which I hit a deer on his motorcycle. Today, the developer has a device extraordinary on your body: a USB of 2 gigabytes implanted in the finger, inside of a simple prosthesis. Jerry says that he is satisfied with his device, because this USB is very handy and never lost.

Rob Spence

At 9 years of age, the canadian Rob Spence suffered an injury and lost an eye. Rob grew up, became a film director and decided to create a prosthetic eye rare with a camcorder, along with a team full of engineers, biohackers. The first variant of the artificial eye was transparent, and inside of the prosthesis there were numerous cables and a camera miniature. Now the device looks like a normal eye, but instead of púpila has a lens. The director calls himself “aiborg”, collaborates with companies such as Ford, Absolut Vodka and Volvo, recorded with the help of his “eye camera” all that he sees around him.

Amal Graafstra

The biohacker Amal Graafstra was implanted some RFID chips in both hands. Such devices can open doors with just a tap, turn on the computer without entering the password, the save data of the electronic wallet and make payments without any contact. The last invention of Amal is a subdermal chip that sets off a gun, in the hands of others, simply won’t fire.

In addition, Alan founded the company Dangerous Things, which sells sets to a location independent of chips under the skin. Graafstra says that these processors are placed in a glass capsule, biocompatible, injection for implantation is similar to a vaccine, and that this procedure is safer than a piercing.

Nigel Ackland

Nigel Ackland, of Great Britain, lost his hand as a result of an accident on the job. He was offered to try one of the best prostheses that exist at this moment, which is connected with the upper muscles of the arm and to carry out the process of muscle contraction activates an algorithm of movement built-in in the “hand”. Nigel can move each finger separately and to produce the exact movement such as tying the shoelaces of the shoes, to fasten a button or to peel potatoes. In the yolks of the fingers of the prosthesis (which can turn 360 degrees) there are LED lights that can be used in the dark.

Now Nigel travels the world giving lectures, trying to draw the attention of people with amputated limbs which are unable to acquire even the prostheses most simple, not to mention the “arms” bionic of high technology.

Rich Lee

The american Rich Lee has implanted an ear which leave small magnets allow you to listen to music. The sound is transmitted through a device with a cord around his neck (which always carries with it); the magnets make vibrations and function as a sound-making device that only listens to Lee. According to him, the quality is good and exceeded all their expectations.

Lee loses his sight gradually, so in the future you plan to use the magnets implanted to learn echolocation.

Kevin Warwick

The professor of cybernetics of the british University of Coventry, Kevin Warwick, has been working for 20 years with chips. Your first implant is opened in front of him the doors, turn on the light and heating, but after that decided to conduct an experiment more dangerous on if same: a team of neurosurgeons implanted a chip with hundreds of electrodes in the form of spines directly into your nervous system, to be more exact, in the nerve fibres, middle of the forearm. After this, the teacher was able to direct a mechanical hand specially created which recorded all the movements of his hand.

In his next experiment, Warwick and his wife were introduced a few special chips. The teacher stated that the result was kind of like a telepathy electronics already he could feel long-distance what she was doing. In the near future, Kevin plans to implant a chip in the brain of a paralyzed man so that he can control his wheelchair with the power of thought.

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