Office faces its first major design change since 2007

Office has several versions: the traditional rich applications for Windows and Mac, simplified for the universal platform of Windows, the mobile apps and the web version. Although they are reasonably similar are far from being consistent yet, something that Microsoft has announced that it will change with new updates for Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook-focused to “simplify and adapt” using Office 365 “in any environment”.

As tends to happen when you encounter this type of unication, what will happen is that it will be applications for computer that is more able to adapt to the mobile. So the famous strip (Ribbon), which was introduced in Office 2007 and which represented a small revolution in the way we used office applications, and more of a headache for users, it’s going to be simplified. This interface was introduced to replace the menus and toolbars with a single system, and that will continue. Continue to exist the various tabs but instead of accessing the options with the current distribution in the three lines will be placed in toolbars in a single line, but we will have the option to expand by returning to the traditional Tape at all times.

There are also other changes, although of lesser impact. Microsoft will introduce new colors and icons more simple but completely scalable so that they can be used in all the versions of the applications. This change will first occur, first in the web version of Word –which are already available to some customers– and then get to Outlook for Windows (July) and for Mac (August).

In the third place, Microsoft has decided to give more importance to the search, placing the box in a central position within the interface, incorporating artificial intelligence that is capable of displaying recommendations based on the habitual use that each user gives to Office. In fact, put the cursor in the box since it will offer suggestions.

All of these changes are exclusive of and Office 365, although it will not arrive at the same time or in all applications or for all users. In fact, it is likely that some of them, such as the change of interface for the Tape, not even be ready for the launch of Office 2019, the next big update for those who prefer to pay for the software once, no subscription.

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