It’s official! The Super Mario Cereal is already available in Mexico

The cereal is a mainstay of modern culture, and when you combine this particular food with an element of geek, then unocero have to chime in. That is why we come to tell you that the Super Mario Cereal, breakfast inspired by the most famous character of video games, created by Nintendo, is now available in Mexico.

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This was confirmed by Kellogg’s Latin america, which specified that the Super Mario Cereal will be available only in branches of Sam’s Club in a first stage in a presentation of two boxes at a price of 149 pesos.

This fun breakfast is made with flour from whole oats in the form of the elements of the title Super Mario Odyssey for Nintendo Switch and in the special edition that already distributes in Mexico has marshmallows in the shape of a mushroom.

We already had a safe in the barracks of unocero which Pontoon and Ricardo made of his own to the behind-the-scenes of the last week-end.

It is interactive thanks to Amiibo

If that was not enough to have this breakfast geek, the box of the Super Mario Cereal has a plus that we have that highlight. And is that you can unlock exclusive content from Super Mario Odyssey for the Nintendo Switch with the box of cereal.

The Super Mario Cereal was released in the united States in 2017 by Kellogg’s to celebrate the success of Super Mario Odyssey for Nintendo Switch, and now thousands of mexicans will be done with a box to know what it is. and Partners.

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