Eye! iMessage I could send messages to contacts that are wrong 🙊

The most recent iOS 12 has brought good things but also are already coming to light the not-so-good. A new feature included in the update is causing confusion when using iMessage.

In the effort to improve the organization in the messaging app on Apple, iMessage, iOS 12 includes a function to merge conversations with users who have multiple phone numbers and emails. For example, when you have a conversation with someone to work through your number and also e-mail of the company.

Children are able to circumvent this feature of iOS 12 used by parents

The problem is that sometimes the intention is not what counts, as you found the blog Piunika Web, many users with iOS 12 have gone to the support forum of Apple to complain about this system by merging the conversations that belong to contacts completely different.

In consequence, the users report that when they send a message to a particular person, you end up sending also the husband, son, mother or sister thanks to these mergers, involuntary. This could clearly result in situations very awkward, or disastrous, such as sending a gossip of office to the whole department, or suspicious messages to their partners.

However, in most cases, it seems that this problem happens between members of the same family. The reason could be that sharing Apple IDs.

The Apple IDs should belong to a single person, however, all indicate that some parents share the identifier to monitor the children. In addition, while many users comment that this is solved by setting up Apple IDs individual, already raised new comments on the forum saying that this does not work with chats that have already been merged.

This highlights another problem, there seems to be no way to separate the contacts manually after the iOS 12 has united by error.

The only safe option at the moment would be to stop using the application.

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