Olympic light show with 1218 Intel-drones

During the Olympic Winter games to Pyeongchang, there are hopefully a lot of world records have been broken. But one of the first state is not in the name of an athlete, but Intel and its spectacular light show.

Intel put namely 1218 drones, which are synchronized with each other flew around in the sky all kinds of winter figures to images. Including a snowboarder and of course the Olympic logo. Have not previously danced there so many drones in one swarm. The previous record was also in the name of Intel, when there were still 500.


The company explains to the site Wired that the biggest challenge for him was the cold temperature in Pyeongchang. It was very doubtful whether the batteries in the drones against were brought up. Therefore there were in the run-up to the play tests done in the Alps, where it is regularly -10 was freezing.

Below you can view a part of the light show back.

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