Online magazine Salon test cryptomining instead of ads

More and more people use an adblocker. This handy plug-in blocks all ads on a site. This has the big disadvantage that web sites that earn their living with online-ads is no more money intake. In the online magazine Salon, they had an idea: the creators allow the readers to choose between disabling the adblocker or the acceptance of cryptomining. In this way, can be a site that lives off of advertisements on a other way profitabel continue. The site will be your choice 24 hours remember, at the end of the tab with the site will the mine stop immediately.

It is quite possible that this slowly but surely, the future is going to be. A few months ago The Pirate Bay already experimented with the extraction of cryptovaluta instead of showing ads. The creators had the code altered so that without that you got the memory of your computer was used to cryptovaluta to mine. Also, hackers use this as an opening, they hide the malware in the code of sites and ads with the idea to your computer for them to collect.

How does cryptomining?

Cryptovaluta consist of data blocks. A block holds part of a transaction of the cryptovaluta. Also contains a block of a reference to the previous block and an extremely difficult puzzle. The problem is especially tricky puzzle: before a block can be used should this puzzle be solved. This is basically what your computer does with cryptomining, the graphics card of your computer is does everything to that puzzle to decipher.

The first person to puzzle know to decipher get a reward, the cryptovaluta that they mined. So is that bitcoin, for example, meanwhile, was 12.5 units (i.e. about $ 100,000). Today, the bitcoin is difficult to mine, what is the chance of the 12.5 bitcoin is very small, and is looking into other cryptovaluta such as Monero.

Your computer throws often the other ram, and a decent amount of power in the programs at the mine. Therefore, this can make for a slow computer, because in the background, this program is always busy. Therefore think before you make such a request to cryptomining accepts.

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