Also, ABN Amro performs IBAN Name Check in

After Rabobank and ING run now, ABN Amro IBAN Name Check by. When a transfer is checked whether the account number matches with the name of the account holder, to accidents and to prevent fraud.

Enter now by, for example, a typo, a wrong account number in, then you will receive a warning. Check again whether the number you have entered is correct. The bank helps in this by naamsuggesties. Are you very sure of your case, then you can regardless of message always determine to have money to make.

The IBAN Name Check only works on domestic payments, for transfers to foreign accounts. Also, the check still not with the mobile banking app integrated. For now it works only on the pc.


Incidentally, wanted the banks first, not in this measure, because it is too difficult and would be too expensive to implement. There, the tv program is Ripped off?! no pleasure at all. There was a petition started that more than 40,000 signatures were collected. Accordingly, the ball got really rolling.

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