OpenAI is recruiting candidates who are interested in the AI

OpenAI is a non-profit company that is dedicated to the research in Artificial Intelligence, which was founded in 2015 and that seeks to promote and develop intelligent systems for the benefit of the people. Elon Musk was the president of this company but left the position because of a conflict of interests, although it is still financially supporting the effort and in addition, continues to attract donors of a high profile.

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The number of projects in AI that are developing seem to force OpenAI looking to recruit people interested in the subject and now there are three different opportunities in a program called OpenAI Fellows, in which applicants should be people who want to be researchers in the Artificial Intelligence and in addition, have already demonstrated excellence in some other field of science.

This possibility of working in OpenAI is for six months, where together with a mentor of the team of researchers from the AI, on topics such as learning reinforced multiple agents, generative models, and robotics, will work hand-in-hand. The initial period of 2 months is to learn the basics, explore, and work finally, in a research proposal of 4 months on a specific project.

Since applications are accepted up to six “Fellows” who will work in the offices of San Francisco for six months, starting in September and you will be compensated “at the level of ‘software internship’ according to the tab from the Bay Area of this town in american”.

  • Thus, the program is aimed at people who want to be researchers of the Artificial Intelligence but that do not have a basic knowledge in the field. OpenAI suggests the qualities that candidates should have:objective Achievements in other fields, such as the creation of computer systems, large, awards in competitions of math/science/programming, or be the author of some publications of high level.
  • Technical experience strong in another field.
  • Re-implementation of open source algorithms of deep learning that can be replicated from technical articles.

The specific requirements, however, are:

  • Programming skills in Python, the lingua franca in this type of work.
  • Understanding strong in linear algebra, calculus and statistics.
  • Motivated by the IA and its potential.

OpenAI will give preference to those who can join full-time to the company, after completing six months of training. People should take the initiative to study AI on your own before you start the course. The call closes on the 8th of July at 12 AM.

The company says that if the person you are interested in this call but is in the middle of a degree program (master’s degree, for example), the better it will be to apply for an “internship”, in the same OpenAI.

A third way to get involved with OpenAI is the program OpenAI Scholar. Under it, and give from 6 to 10 allowances and assistance to individuals from groups that are not representative for the study of deep learning for three months in addition to an open source project. This is a remote program, and is open only to anyone who works with authorization in the united states. It is expected that those involved in this program document their experiences on the deep learning and inspire others to do the same.

The call can be seen here.

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