Oreo is only on 1 percent of Android smartphones

The latest Android version is now about half a year, but runs only on 1.1 percent of all Android smartphones. This is evident from monthly figures from Google, measured on the basis of the Play Store visit.

Android 8 (Oreo), launched in August of 2017, first for phones Google itself. Other manufacturers attracted then, as always, lots of time for the update to optimize it for their own brands. That rollout is now slowly underway. So, the OnePlus 5T the update this week received, in addition to the Xperia X and X Compact from Sony. Also Nokia was relatively quick.

Samsung owners are still waiting, with no definitive date in sight. Since this is in addition to Apple, by far, the most popular smartphone brand , this has a clear impact on the user numbers of Android Oreo. Even this year launched Galaxy A8 runs on Android 8, but Android-7.

We do see each more often that new phones by default, but on Android Oreo twist, such as the HTC U11 Plus and the Xperia XA2. But yes, consumers need to these phones or just buy it before Google as Android 8 users can rely.

Read here when you update your phone you can expect.


Now is Android 7 (Nougat) the meestgedraaide Android version, good for a market share of 28.5 percent. Even Android 6 (Marshmallow) is still common in the wild, spotted, 28.1% of the Android phones running on. Then follows Android 5 (Lollipop), yet also still good for to 24.6 percent.

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