Organizes all of your feed of Instagram with the tool Instaplan

Most of the photographs that users upload to Instagram, you do not have any specific order, they are just posted without regard to the aesthetics of your account, and that’s fine, but there are other people that care a lot of care and tuning that has its content.

For these users, was that I think Instaplan, a tool that through a laptop or computer, will help you to see prior to as will be the feed if you publish a photograph and/or video.

The procedure is really simple and that may be the key to his success, because all the people who want to use can do so without problem and without having to resort to some tutorial that will help.

However, and for which there is no doubt, here it will show you how to do it; before you begin, you should know that this tool is completely free, so there is nothing to worry about.

  • The first step is to enter the user name, this does not necessarily give you access to the account Instagram so there is nothing to fear.
  • Once this is done the feed will appear automatically; it should be noted that this function currently only works on public profiles, but plan to expand to the private.
  • After this, the images of our Instagram will appear and you will be able to see the way it is ordered, but in the given case the idea of uploading a new image and want to know how to stay, just give him the Plus sign (+) to load.
  • In this way it is as can be seen, once again, the distribution would be, and if they don’t like how it is displayed, you can reorder it with a click and dragging the photo towards the other direction.

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Ready, that is pretty much all that needs to be done and although the changes are only reflected in Instaplan, it is an interesting way to plan releases before uploading.

By if you have some doubts, just check out this video where you can see the moves that are performed:

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