Outlook-app, clean interface

Microsoft will soon launch an improved version of the Outlook app for Office 365 subscribers. Especially the interface on the kick, so you get faster the most frequently used functions can find it.

The makeover, see you later with the name back in the menu on the top image, also known as the ribbon is in Dutch). Now, it’s still jam packed with all sorts of features that you probably rarely, if ever, used. There is quite a bit of broom gone by, for a new ribbon with a focus on what really matters. Find the differences below (top: old, bottom: new).

Does not take away the fact that things such as a link to OneNote or reading e-mails still be available. They are only hiding under the three dots to the far right of the menu.


It’s not just a new ribbon, there are more changes done to the mailbox easier to get. When you get an email mark it as important (using the flag icon), then get that now a clear, light yellow background color. So jump these mails look better.


Further, groups, and folders on new ways gerankschikt, and is it easier to make calendar appointments to make and this contacts to invite. The latest Outlook version is currently only available for testers, at a later stage, the changes rolled out to all Office 365 users.

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